March 27, 2016

Greg Bennett’s “Weekly Surge” #4 - Dealing With Deception at the Point of Closing

This month on the Greg Bennett podcasts we're focusing on deception and how client use it to kill sellers. In this fourth weekly topic of the month, our focus is on "How Clients LOVE to Use Deception In the Closing Stages" - the podcast will cover:
  • Why clients (and sellers) LOVE Maybe
  • Deception they use by bringing up last minute other people, or other things that have to happen
  • Deception through being vague about what should happen next
  • Covering a deeper, darker truth with a false "smoke screen"
  • Lying about a decision they're going to make that they know is dumb (and they know you know it's dumb)
In the Weekly Surge podcast we review 5 Key Points about our topic and provide some overall tips you can use right away.  Then you can get even more detail on "The Daily Drive With Greg Bennett " podcast which is available every single day!  The Daily Drive is a short, daily blast of Bennett inspiration, motivation, and a tangible tip to focus on each and every day!

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